Our own General Contracting Department

Consultancy, planning, coordination

Starting from the project planning till the final acceptance, our General Contracting Department takes care of customer projects worldwide. With this we can guarantee our customers in-time completion and execution at a fixed price.

  • Schedule planning /tracking and project control
  • Commissioning and management of subcontractors
  • Technical customer support and project management of all trades
  • Construction management through our own site managers
  • Shortest construction times with schedule reliability
  • Execution at a fixed price with extensive warranty

Our own carpentry

Development, furniture manufacturing, production and assembly

Our roots can be found in the carpentry and this is where our whole heart and soul is. This is where furniture and construction elements in all shapes and types of wood are being developed. Here is the perfect manufacture – of course handcrafted – with great attention to detail.

  • Development, furniture manufacture, production and assembly
  • Solid-wood carpentry
  • Perfect craftsmanship in the area of furniture manufacturing

Strong metal construction partners

Laser-, welding-, stainless steel- and polish work

In the area of metal construction we supplement our production concept of turnkey interiors. With the help of various forms of processing elements we manufacture elements from the single piece to small series.

  • Laser work
  • Welding work
  • Stainless steel processing
  • Polish work

Our own upholstery

Equipping of seating areas, base construction,
upholstery and leather work

In our own upholstery we manufacture complete seating equipment for the objects of our customers. Due to the close work with our development department, we have no limits regarding designs.

  • Equipping of seating areas
  • Base construction
  • Upholstery and leather work